GPI 5th Anniversary Benefit Dinner (3)

GPI 5th Anniversary Benefit Dinner 

SoriBeat Samul-nori 사물놀이

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Today, GPI SoriBeat youth members participated in the 4th Korean Traditional Performing Arts Competition. SoriBeat kids received the 1st place prize, and SoriBeat teens the grand prize! Congratulations SoriBeat!

Korean Performing Arts Festival

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Project UL-SSI-GU

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This year's Project UL-SSI-GU was the festival of Peace & Harmony! All the teams have provided a place of unrestrained joy and freedom to the people around the world through by organizing Pungmul Festivals, St performances and Workshops. Watch this video to see how they've done it!

Project UL-SSI-GU would like to express our sincere gratitude to all participants for their passionate participation in this project. We hope to see you again in 2018! "Ulsigu, Johta!"

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