A Korean folk music tradition, pungmul is the musical expression of an indigenous Korean cosmology that situates people within the natural world and revolves around the harmony between nature and people. Pungmul involves drumming, dancing, and singing. It utilizes four main percussion instruments. The two gongs signify the heavens, while the two drums signify earth. Each instrument also corresponds to a particular element of nature. The small gong symbolizes thunder and lightning. The large gong symbolizes the wind. The hour-glass drum symbolizes rain, and the barrel drum symbolizes clouds. The playing of these instruments thus signifies the harmony of nature and people. As a musical tradition that is practiced in Korean communities across the world, pungmul also represents the cultural heritage of Koreans. The Global Pungmul Institute chose SoriBeat as the name of its performance troupe for the richness of its symbolic meanings, which tie together pungmul cosmology, the Institute mission, and Korean American heritage.

06:30 am - 07:00 am Early Registration

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
2018 SoriBeat Annual Show

2018 SoriBeat Annual Show Featured

GPI's youth pungmul ensemble SoriBeat presents the 3rd Annual Show. The programs include gayageum (Korean string instrument) performance, Korean mask dance, samul-nori, fusion pansori, nongak, and Korean folk songs along with the Korean folktale, The Hare and Tortoise. 

Don't forget to come to the show wearing a Halloween costume!!!

Christian Heritage Academy Theater
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